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Sample Tracks



Here are some samples of our work:




Northern Edge - from their demo EP "On The Edge"


Walk Away


Read My Mind






The Pocket Lizards/Rockage - Mark's project. 



Rockin' In The Free World


Suffragette City


All Right Now


To Love Somebody


Maggie May




Bobby Leger - Something of a local legend, Bobby's also working on a project here at RockaMoto.  This raw track features Bobby on guitar and vocal, Tuffy Kimball on drums, Dom from Cat Sass playing lead, and Dave Dunham on bass.  They've laid some solid tracks, and we're moving forward with more tracking to come.  Bobby's got no lack of material!


Holdin' My Own






Mark's Originals & Victor's test bench - Just a scratchpad for the flavor of the day.


Hold On To Me







This area is under permanent construction... Check back to see who's been gettin' RockaMoto'ed lately! 


Note:  All rights are the property of the copyright holders.  These tracks are offered only as technical examples, and any unauthorized use is prohibited.



Richard M. Nixon






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