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Equipment List


Digital Audio Workstation


Intel-based, custom built PC capable of manipulating 200 simultaneous audio tracks.  The primary recording software we employ is Steinberg's Cubase SX, which provides amazing flexibility and power.



Analog/Digital Converters (2)


Our system uses two M-Audio Delta 1010 A/D converters. The Delta 1010s provide 16 analog inputs, each of which is sampled to a resolution of 16,777,215 levels of signal, 96,000 times every second.  All this number-crunching translates to one thing: superior audio quality.  The Delta 1010 uses a discrete breakout box which contains all audio connectors and the A/D conversion hardware.  This eliminates RF noise generated by the PC for the lowest possible noise floor, so you can take full advantage of the dynamic range of the system.



Mixing Desk with integral preamps


Our primary mixing board is the Alesis Studio32.  This mixing board allows 16 separate XLR microphone inputs, each with its own preamp.  The preamps of the Studio32 are justly noted for their clean and transparent sound.  The 32 total inputs give flexibility to accomplish any configuration your project requires.



Outboard processing gear


Although Cubase SX allows us to make editing and processing of audio fast and easy, sometimes you've got to hook in that one piece of gear to get that certain special something.  We can provide such gear as the following: 



Amplifier/Speaker Cabinet Modeler

Dedicated Stereo Chorus


NOTE: This list is constantly expanding, if you have a particular requirement, please contact us.





The primary vocal mic we use is an Audio-Technica AT3035.  This large-diaphragm condenser mic has a warmth and accuracy that makes for great vocal tracks.  This mic also serves for recording acoustic guitar, as well as an ambient mic when circumstances require one.  Our drums are mic'ed with a mix of Shure, Oktava and Audix equipment, carefully tuned for maximum performance.  The usual suspects are available for instrument and backup vocal recording; Shure SM-57 and SM58s.



Musical Equipment


Normally, musicians have "their" particular instrument or instruments that create the sound they are looking to record.  If you want to explore other options, we can provide the following:


Guitars - We have an assortment of Fender, Gibson, and Ibanez electric guitars, Guild, Ovation and Yamaha acoustics, an Ibanez bass, and even a Dean acoustic bass to help you get where you want to be.


Drums - We have a classic '60s Gretsch 5-piece with Zildjian cymbals, tuned specifically for our studio, and mic'ed for superb sound.


Keyboards - We have a classic Wurlitzer electric piano, as well as a Korg M1.  We also have access to Hammond equipment.  Software synths and MIDI interfacing are available.



Special requests


We are here to make you proud of your projects, and we're proud of our ability to accomplish this.  If there's a particular item that your project requires, please let us know.  We always try to be open-minded to new techniques and ideas, so help us help you succeed.




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